We believe that the strength of this project will derive from authentic relationships held across Black Philadelphia, recognizing the many different avenues of struggle and the multiplying modes of care work and direct action that build and sustain a movement. While the publication focuses on 2020, we believe that the long history of Black resistance in Philadelphia is necessary to contextualize this moment and invite submissions that can thread that history.

We are looking for stories and storytellers that are oft underrepresented and too many times dismissed as expert narrators of their own experiences. These could include highlighting the experiences of Black grandmothers who sheltered-in-place while organizing mutual aid for their neighbors and families; Black gender non-conforming youth who recognized their power in protest all the while skeptical of whether those around them would defend their right to thrive; and/or Black caretakers, sanitation workers, and other essential workers who may have chosen and/or were pressured to put their lives on the line daily in the midst of a disproportionately deadly pandemic. Additionally, photos that showcase the wide spectrum of reflection and action, from Black rage to Black joy and Black love will be considered. We ask that you provide captions alongside any submitted photos to give us greater context.

Through archiving these stories, we’ll draw together diverse experiences that demonstrate the call: “None of us are free until we are all free.” Through the celebration of one’s differences, we will create a platform for Black community solidarity that shows what must be transformed so that all Black people may live dignified, joyful, and pleasurable lives. 

We are inviting contributions from self-identified Black Philadelphians, in search of: 
  • Creative Fiction. What writer/activist Walidah Imarisha’s describes as “visionary fiction” - writing that helps us imagine new just worlds. (1500 - 2000 words.)
  • Narrative and Journalistic Nonfiction & Prose. Essays, Letters, Interviews, Op-Eds. (1000 - 1500 words)
  • Poetry, Collections of Chants, Raps, Transcribed Protest Speeches.
  • Graphics, Protest Signs, and other ephemera
  • Street Photography. Contributors must have permission/documentation to use images of anyone in photo. Please contact WPCA team for guidance. 
  • Multimedia (video, audio, etc.). There is potential for multimedia works to be spotlighted on the project website.
  • Additional creative formats, including Twitter threads, text chains, captioned video grabs w/ transcribed interviews. Please contact us to share ideas!