Peculiar Times & Righteous Rage

Eboni Zamani

A piece that stitches together excerpts of my feelings, thoughts and actions May-June 2020

My head hurts and my heart is heavy. Helicopter propellers are swirling overhead constantly, only interrupted by loud booms in the distance.

The class lines among us are becoming more clear. Good. It’s high time the talented tenth paid their dues.

They’re mad at their original loot for looting.

I am so sick of our movements being co-opted by those who are only out for themselves.

The police department has how much of the city’s budget?!
America inheriting everything it was built on, is exactly what it deserves.

Corporations rob grown people every single day and nobody bats an eye. You want me to shed a tear for Target?

I’ve seen Black women and people move more money and resources via mutual aid these past few weeks than FEMA. Give them the money!

I went to my timelines, all my messages, my phone contacts and shared numbers, money, links, meetings, lists, whatever I could get my hands on to virtually support our people, as health wouldn’t permit me to be on the streets this time.

I’ve never been more sure...that abolition is the only way.

Eboni Zamani is a filmmaker, photographer and writer hailing from Philadelphia. She got her start in filmmaking in high school with a documentary about youth in the military. Visual and written storytelling became her outlets of choice. Eboni received her B.A. from Pace University in Film & Screen Studies and African American Studies. She was most recently on crew for HBO’s Mare of Easttown as well as a member of Councilman Isaiah Thomas’s Arts & Culture Taskforce. Eboni is currently writing and producing films and various media projects via her production company, Pearl’s Girl Productions.